there's no way around it

everyone has to put in the time

based on the information, pictures, the writer has, he has assigned a billion-years as the minimum time it takes to lay the foundation for the necessary traits to become a natural characteristic

in that billion years, we will say every person lives ten-million lifetimes and that each lifetime lasts for one-hundred years (see Trends of longevity)

every one of those lifetimes has to be free of murder

one second is all the time it takes to change your eternal future for the worse!

you are urged, in as an encouraging way as possible, to recognise, how easy it is to fail

to avoid the bottomless pit, all anyone has to do is join the writer and begin living within Ethical Parameters

at first, it will seem like it "cramps your style", as it did with me

very soon, the sense of restriction is replaced with a sense of well-being

a feeling that becomes a new strength

the knowledge that you are of the qualitative endless will produce an unshakeable feeling of permanence

you will begin to appreciate the new lifestyle as it produces creative ways of filling the days with outcomes which enhance the quality and quantity of those around you

eventually, it will suppress everything you do and say which contains outcomes that reduce the quality and quantity of life for other people

how wonderfully simple it is to orient ourselves to heaven

you can dwell on the fact you've got love/life and eternity on your side

there are no greater allies



most significantly, it has to be a way of living which does not result in the death of a child

the writer needs to be tested for the following reasons

to discover if the antibodies are still in the body

if they are it will give an average amount of time a person can expect to remain immune

also, it will prove that taking vitamin d in a concentrated form is enough to defeat covid-19


if they are not, the writer will expose himself to the disease again and apply the same method that was applied the first time

all data and procedures will be made public knowledge

here we go again

lockdown 2 is on the way

the option to have the test result displayed on a credit-card-sized card

cost of the card to be kept to a minimum


verification of the i.d. of the quick-test cardholder

photograph, finger print, signature, voice-print

all or a combination of the above

date of the quick-test

where taken ?

who supervised the test ?


the categories of quick-test results



no traces of the covid-19 virus



the covid-19 virus is present



covid-19 antibodies are present

that's how insubstantial they become


other considerations

degree of immunity

level of antibodies

the length of  the life of antibodies

the world wage is the wealth of the world divided by the population